Bulk Document Scanning

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This serves as the core of our business. We are set up to receive, sort, scan and quality check high volumes of documents on a daily basis. We have state of the art Kodak scanning equipment producing exceptional quality images.

Our digital indexing services means each file can be indexed by any required reference, allowing easy access to your images.

Collection, Return & Destruction Certificates are issued through out the process ensuring there is a documented audit trail through out the process.


Digital Document Management can be broken down into 7 simple steps

  • Select what type of Digital Document conversion is right for your business or organisation.
  • Our staff will collect your documents for scanning
  • The documents are received at our scanning bureau and prepped ready for scanning
  • Documents are scanned to the required dpi
  • Your images are now indexed
  • Files are now returned back to you via your chosen method.
  • The original paper documents can be returned or confidentially shredded
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Pricing starts from just £40.00 +VAT for our Document Scanning Services

Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a written quote