Scan-2-Shred Limited supports businesses and organisations on their journey to becoming digital. Whether the aim is go paperless or reduce your reliance on paper based records, we are here to help you with that process through our managed services. We can look at your existing paper processes and current filing systems and provide a paperless solution which transforms the way data is stored and used by your business. With there being a requirement to retain paperwork that relates to your business operations such as financial, tax, insurance, legal, medical and employment data this can mean accumulating a lot of paper. Almost all of your paperwork can be stored electronically. Our services ensure we capture all of the information on each and every document and provide you with sufficient back-up plans to protect your business.

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Is your business ready to make the transformation to digital ?

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Managing your business or organisations data effectively is key to compliance. Digital data is easier to manager than traditional paper based documents helping to simplify the process.

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Digitizing your records allows for quick and easy access. Documents can now be available immediately  across your business or organisation. They can be viewed, sent or shared with just a few clicks

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Cost Effective

With pricing starting at just a few pence per page its extremely cost effective. Money can be saved in a multiple areas; storage costs, efficiency savings and reduced costs on paper and ink.

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Working towards a paper light or paperless office will benefit the environment through reduced usage of paper and ink. With our confidential shredding services all paper based material will be recycled back into paper and tissue products

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Efficiency savings

Searching through archives or waiting for them to be retrieved from storage can be a thing of the past. Access is available at the click of a button increasing efficiency and productivity

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Space saving

Physical archives can take up valuable office space. Digitizing your documents then shredding and recycling them after the process allows you to gain back this space and use it more productively.

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Our Approach

We will deliver a high quality service in line with your requirements. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in the hope that not only would you want to use our services again but you would be happy to recommend us to others as well. We are always happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Story

We saw an opportunity in the market for a document scanning service provider to deliver high quality, practical and affordable digitization services to businesses ranging in sizes. We will help make your switch to digital easy and efficient.